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the pod spot

Introducing The POD Spot!

Our dedicated Podcast recording space!

After much demand we have finally launched our podcast space available to hire. The POD Spot at Bunker Street Studios is specially designed to be as fast and easy as possible for users of any skill level to record top quality podcasts. 

All you need is an SD card and you are ready to go.

Simply pop the SD card into the recorder, hit record and you’re away! 

Then once you’re finished, take out your SD card and take it home to edit / upload you podcast to your chosen host. (We like Buzzsprout because they do all the hard work for you)

Be sure to download our 'Introduction to Podcasting Guide' if your new to making podcasts for our tips and advice.

Please note, This is a podcast recording area, not a broadcast audio recording studio. While it is inside the main Studio and we have put a lot of effort into building a purpose built film studio, we do still have neighbours and the space is not 100% soundproof.

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